Chapter Two . Act I .

-/ THE PEAK /-  

   A short film

d i r e c t e d   b y
B L A C K A T T I T U D E    A R T I S T S

Prisca M. Monnier & Catia Mota Da Cruz

Hawzen-Ethiopia, 17th of May 2018,
« this is where i leave you » ______________i am at My Peak .
i can’t go any lower... The volume is way to high... [ Støp! ]
This could have been a lovely story, to tell my kids and my grandkids.
We were so beautiful on that road, running barefoot with our dreamy dresses.
But the truth was too loud and ruined everything.
Such emptiness in those places we saw.
Somebody put a Red chair in that yellow room so we could feel at ease
But all my eyes wanted to see are old sheets and cracked walls.
There was a ghost in that room, standing by the window.
Looking at us laugh and fight.
Like a devil, Unveiling our deepest desires so he could play with it and distort our reality...”

ARTDIRECTION :: Catia Mota Da Cruz
DOP Prisca M. Monnier x Karlos Da Silva
FILM EDITING & SOUND :: Prisca M. Monnier


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