Chapter One . 

-/ t’as raté l’train /-  

   A short film

d i r e c t e d   b y
B L A C K A T T I T U D E    A R T I S T S

Prisca M. Monnier & Catia Mota Da Cruz

T’as raté l’train et l’histoire se répète.
« Once Apon A Time, nothing happened ...
/ i don’t understand /
The plane landed and your smile took off.
Was it something i said?
is it too late? [wait for me]
I’m on the Floor.
what just happened? Footsteps going fast. Going forward.
Like nothing happened. but It did. i Know it. I was there.
I can feel it. I can smell it. Disgusting . Sweet . A Suffocating air.
Cut into pieces. The void. The white noise_____________________
Absent and notable for their complicit silence. Bel Ami, Why did you forsaken me? »

DOP :: Karlos Da Silva x Prisca M. Monnier

ACTORS :: Prisca M. Monnier and Catia Mota Da Cruz

SOUND/FILM EDITING :: Prisca M. Monnier


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