Chapter Two . Act II .


   A short film

d i r e c t e d   b y
B L A C K A T T I T U D E    A R T I S T S

Prisca M. Monnier & Catia Mota Da Cruz

Freedom is not for free, it has never been...
We’ve been fooling ourselves,
There’s a price to pay,
-/ c’est le Prix à payer... /-
What are we willing to loose to afford it? A hundred bucks?
Thousands of smiles? / seconds ?/ ... of Heartbeats?   -/combien de Litres de sang? /-
and Even if you could be heard, they wouldn’t listen...  How could they?
It’s a song only you can hear, a language only you can speak
The cross only You can choose to carry... It’s All yours.
The Crown . The Pain .
-/ C’est ta croix Cassandre! /-
The pain is yours.
Why would you want to share Power with pigs?
Power is Pain. Life is Pain. And that’s the price to pay...
[ Delivery and Taxes included ]_____________________”

INTRO SONG ["Null Fortschritt" by ALGE-ACHT]
VOICE by Patrick Hein
ARTDIRECTION :: Catia Mota Da Cruz
DOP Prisca M. Monnier x Karlos Da Silva
FILM EDITING & SOUND :: Prisca M. Monnier


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