-/ THE PEAK /-  

   Très cher père...
 [ Trailer of our Next Opus in The Making ]

DIRECTED BY :: Prisca M. Monnier & Catia Mota Da Cruz

-/ “___________________December, 13th. In the making of our Next Opus...
It’s 6 o’clock in the Morning. Another inspiration that couldn’t wait to come out.
It’s been so great to be in and out of control at the same time!
This Film is the First of many to come. What an aventure!
Catia and I are ready for the next Chapter.
This thing we’re doing is between a Film, a Poem that Moves, a crying Mouvement,
a Photograph that screams, and does weird sounds... This is our thing now.
Its time to bring our stories to Life.
Welcome to the new era of BlackAttitude ” /-

written by Prisca M. Monnier, that early morning in her studio

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